Update on COVID-19

Mar 16, 2020

Climbing Escalade Canada wishes to maintain an up to date record of decisions made by the Canadian Climbing Community in respect to the COVID-19 outbreak. For questions or concerns, please contact your respective organization.



As of 9am EST on March 16, 2020

The Government of Quebec asked that all public places be closed until March 30th. Therefore, the FQME is asking climbing facilities to close their doors, and has cancelled all March events.

The ACA Board of Directors has motioned to cancel the April 4th event, and to suspend the Provincial scheduled for April 18-19.

Update from SCBC: Difficulty and Speed Provincials have been postponed and will not be happening at the Richmond Oval on 10 to 12 April.

As of 1:30pm EST on March 14, 2020

The CEC Board of Directors will be meeting on Tuesday March 17th to reassess the situation, and will provide an update following the meeting.

SCBC has announced that Highpoint Heroes, the difficulty competition at SFU scheduled for 29 March, has been cancelled.

The OCF Difficulty Season is suspended until further notice. OCF Difficulty Local #2 (scheduled for March 28/29th, 2020 at Boulderz Etobicoke) is cancelled and will not be rescheduled. A decision on whether OCF Difficulty Provincials will take place (including where, when and under what qualifying requirements) is deferred until there is more clarity on the COVID-19 outbreak.

As of 12pm EST on March 13, 2020

At this time, the CEC is maintaining its Regional and National events scheduled for May 2020. The CEC Board of Directors is conducting a thorough risk management process, and will be meeting regularly to monitor the process and positions of government authorities.

The FQME has cancelled the competitions scheduled for this weekend, March 14-15, 2020, as well as those the weekend of March 21-22. More information will be posted early next week in respect to the upcoming Coupe Québec.

The OCF is actively monitoring the developments in Ontario, and more information will be available shortly.

The ACA sanctioned event scheduled for this weekend (March 14-15, 2020) in Canmore is cancelled. The ACA board is continuously monitoring the situation.

The SCBC is currently consulting with its partner gyms before making decisions on its upcoming events. Many options are being considered; details will be available shortly.

Calendar of events

MARCH 2020

FQME events
March 14 Étape 8, Maïkan, Trois-Rivières (BCDE) CANCELLED
March 15 Étape 9, Horizon Roc, Montréal (All) CANCELLED
March 21 Étape 10, Canyon, La Prairie (A-JR-Open) CANCELLED
March 22 Camp difficulté CANCELLED
March 28 Étape 11, Centre Multisports, Vaudreuil (BCDE) CANCELLED
March 29 Étape 12, Horizon Roc, Montréal (All) CANCELLED

OCF events
March 28-29 Local Difficulty Comp – 28-29 March CANCELLED

ACA events
March 14-15 Difficulty & Speed local event CANCELLED

SCBC events
March 29 Local Difficulty Comp CANCELLED

APRIL 2020

FQME events
April 4 Étape 13 Championnat provincial, Altitude Gym, Gatineau (A-Jr-Open) CANCELLED
April 5 Camp difficulté (B) et Vitesse CANCELLED
April 18 Étape 14 Championnat provincial, Délire, Beauport (BCDE) SUSPENDED
April 19 Étape 15 Championnat provincial, Horizon Roc, Montréal (All) SUSPENDED
April 25-26 Camp de difficulté et vitesse SUSPENDED

OCF events
April 18-19 Difficulty (Lead) Provincial SUSPENDED

ACA events
April 4 Difficulty local event – CANCELLED
April 18-19 Difficulty & Speed Provincials SUSPENDED
April 25-26 Clinic for qualified athletes SUSPENDED

SCBC events
April 10-12 Difficulty and Speed provincials SUSPENDED
April 18-19 Training Camp SUSPENDED

MAY 2020

CEC events
May 1-3 Lead & Speed Regional East SUSPENDED
May 1-3 Lead & Speed Regional West SUSPENDED
May 16-18 Lead & Speed National SUSPENDED

SCBC events
May 9 Training Camp SUSPENDED
May 30 Training Camp SUSPENDED

JUNE 2020

CEC events
June 4-7 Lead and Speed Selection Camp SUSPENDED

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